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Sønderbygaard is located in the western part of Jutland, in beautiful surroundings. The place consists of an old farm house which is now used for B&B and art exhibitions, a newly build family house where the owners live, and some farm buildings still containing horses, pigs and more.

The landscape surrounding the place invites you to take walks and enjoy the sound of birds singing, and the distant sound of tractors steadily working the fields.


On this page you can read about:


- The gallery

- B&B

- Art Courses

- Christina

- Around the Vinderup area by car or bike


The Gallery The owner of Sønderbygaard Christina Kjelsmark and Ivan Bjerrum have run the gallery for a number of years already. All year round you will find exhibitions of Christina’s own work but twice a year (Easter and fall) the gallery opens its doors to an exciting exhibition of various artists. The exhibition covers both paintings, hand crafts, glass, ceramics and sculptures. To visit the gallery outside of these special exhibitions, we recommend that you call or e-mail the owners to arrange a suitable time.


B&B Looking for a place to stay in Jutland? The B&B at Sønderbygaard offers comfortable rooms and good facilities for visitors. Because of our location with near proximity of Holstebro, Struer, Skive and Herning many visitors find their way to our B&B for a few nights.


Price per night in a double room: 500 DKK incl. bed linen. 

Price per night in a single room: 300 DKK incl. bed linen.

Key to the house is handed out upon arrival, and the time of arrival is agreed upon in advance.


Art Courses Every year many courses are held at Sønderbygaard. Course themes vary, but most of the courses are related to. A majority of the courses are run by Christina Kjelsmark, but other instructors also use our lovely facilities for their courses. The group of artists named art-club also arranges shared courses during the year. Online you can keep an eye on upcoming courses, and you are always welcome to contact Christina about up-coming events.


Christina Christina Kjelsmark holds an MA in social sciences and art history. Though her career as an artist and an art instructor, she gained experience with many different sides of artistic expression. Christina’s own pictures are inspired by the surrounding landscape as well as remote areas such as Africa and her “darling” the Faroe Islands.   Christinas pictures exhibited at her own gallery but also at several large Danish art houses as well as a gallery on the Faroe Islands. Christinateaches art classes both at the gallery and at regional educational facilities. Besides her work as an artist, illustrator and instructor, Christina has published several books about painting. Sønderbygaard also has a publishing house where books about hand crafts and hobbies are published regularly.


The area A stay at Sønderbygaard is perfect for those who are interested in art, and you can participate in the owner´s courses. The place is also perfect for those who love nature. Is is surrounded by a nice and hilly landscape with woods and deers, and you can enjoy the beautiful nature during long walks along one of the many paths. Some of the exciting attractions in the area are also within reach, such as the funpark Jesperhus Blomsterpark, the medieval castle Spøttrup Castle or the open air-museum Hjerl Hede. The closest larger towns are Struer and Holstebro which both have exciting shops and restaurants.




Around the Vinderup Area
- By car or by bike

Starting off from Vinderup you have the possibility to go for a beautiful ride around the area and experience a great variation in landscape. There are lots of sights along the way, wonderful vantage points and great experiences. When counting the kilometres the ride is not long, but when counting the experiences, there are enoughof them to keep you occupied for a few days.
You can start your round trip by the Tourist agency in Vinderup, where you can pick up more detailed maps and descriptions of the hikes you will meet along the way.

Handbjerg Beach
Go from Vinderup towards Handbjerg by the main road 513.

Handbjerg is a small village. Turn right at Strandvejen, and cross the railway and continue to the end of the road. Here you will find a small beach by the Limfjord. The water level here is very low and  the beach is most child friendly
Landting hovedgård and Landting mark
Go back towards Vinderup by the main road  513 approx. 2 km. Turn left on Landtingvej towards Ejsing and soon you will find yourself at Landting Mark (meaning Landting Field) outside the manor Landting Hovedgård.
Landting Hovedgård has a long history. The story about the manor is told to tourists every Friday at 2 pm in week 27 to 33.

Geddal strandenge – the Geddal salt meadows
Stay left at Råstvej and go by the camping ground at Ejsing, where you will find a nice sandy beach. From here you reach Geddal strandenge which is a big recreated natural site with a  dike and a bird sanctuary.

The town of Ejsing
Turn back and go towards  Ejsing by Egebjergvej.

One of the biggest village churches in Denmark can be found here. The church was built in the 12th. century and it contains several rare elements such as well kept fresco paintings from around year 1500  and very fine wood carvings.

Hvidemose and Skånsø

From Ejsing you can head east and you will meet the main road 189 where you can go towards Skive. A few hundred metres down the road  turn to Hvidemosevej, and you will soon find that you are in an entirely other type of landscape. You are heading towards the lake Skånsø.
The lake Skånsø is one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark. There are a number of hiking trails around the area as well as shelters, where you can spend the night. You can find a map at www.holstebro.dk or www.vinderupegnen.dk 

The church in Sahl
Continue through the forest, cross the railway and go by Stokholmvej towards Sahl.
One of the biggest attractions, especially for people who are interested in historical buildings, is the church in Sahl. The church was built around  year 1150 and it used to be the mail church of the area during the middle ages. The pride of the church is the golden altar. The altar is made of beaten copperplate, originally gold plated and attached to a wooden surface. The altarpiece is one of the best preserved of its kind in Denmark.

Hjerl Hede
From Sahl there is only a short drive to the heath and the attraction Hjerl Hede. Follow the signs.

Hjerl Hede, which is described several places in this leaflet, is a big outdoor museum, where history comes alive. www.hjerlhede.dk

The lake Flynder sø
From Hjerl Hede you can walk to the lake Flynder sø. You can also continue along the small gravel road Jattrupvej, behind Hjerl hede amd reach  Gammel Skivevej and the entire area around the heath Hjelm Hede. There are several hiking and biking trails in the magnificent landscape. Read more and get the brochure at www.holstebro.dk
The lake Stubbergård sø  and the monastry Stubber Kloster
While Flyndersø is is impressive because of its size,  Stubbergård sø on the other side of the road is quite easy to access. You will find good hiking trails here as well. Stubbergård sø is situated at Søgårdvej, and you get there by following a long gravel road, which end sup where the heath begins. Here you will find parking and toilets, tables and chairs and more. Two hiking paths begin at the parking place, one of which is accessible by wheelhcair.

The village Sevel
Go back to the village Sevel.
www.sevelby.dk In the middle of the village you will find the pub (kro) and the church side by side, just the way it used to be in ´the good old days´. Across, there is a small grocery store and the town as such is cosy and nice

The beacon hill in Ryde and the village of Ryde
From Sevel we continue to Ryde by the road Skovhusvej and later Bavnehøjvej. Half way there the altitude suddenly increases, and you have a good view of the entire Vinderup area, the Limefjord, Struer and Holstebro. We are at the beacon hill in Ryde, a 90 metre warning beacon, and also the highest spot in the area.

The church in Ryde
Go through the village Ryde and stop by the church. The church dates back to year 1100 and it is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in the country. The church contains some rare fresco paintings. www.ryde.dk

Store Ryde Mølle, Hellegård Ådal and Galleri Sønderbygaard
Continue past the church and out of the village. You will soon meet a t-junction. Go left and after a few kilomenter the road will lead you through an estate called ”Store Ryde Mølle”. This is an old water mill located in a beautiful glacial valley called Hellegård Å-dal. Several water mills have utilized the power of the strean Hellegård Å through the years.

Stay to the right and continue straight out till the road ends, turn right on Østergårdvej and you come by Galleri Sønderbygaard (number 7). This is an exciting gallery, course centre and B&B welcoming everyone who wants to paint or engage in other creative activities. www.gallerigaarden.dk

The castle Rydhave Slot
When you reach the mail road you will see the church Handbjerg kirke straight ahead. Feel free to stop there for a short look at the area. Otherwise, continue towards Vinderup by the main road 189. A few kilometers dwon the road you will meet the beautiful white castle Rydhave slot on your right. These days the castle is being used as a boarding school for 8-9-10 graders. Around the castle you will find the most western beech wood in Denmark. There are good walking paths and an interesting monument from World War Two – a storage place in the ground where weapon was secretly kept.

Vinderup town.
The trip ends where it began – in the middle of Vinderup.

Vinderup has a good selection of stores and many of the have a surprisingly wide selection of goods, so it is worth wile stopping by. In town there is also a pharmacy and a medical practice. Consider a visit at the town’s city park. Here you will find an old fashioned park with a playground, a lake, a stream and peacocks. You can enjoy your own food at the park.


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